Best of The Cricket Podcast

Have you found our podcast online and now want to take a look back through our best old episodes? Well you’re in the right place.

On this page you can find The cricket Podcast’s highlights, including interviews with high profile guests, and our French 75s soaked review of 2019!

David Gower- Episode 48

We had the pleasure of sitting down and speaking with David Gower for over an hour. We talk about his playing career, his time spent with with Ian Botham, playing the great West Indies sides in the 1980s, the infamous Tiger Moth incident and much much more.

If you’re looking for a place to start with The Cricket Podcast, or you’ve not listened before, we suggest going from here!

Jack Russell- Episode 44

Jack Russell is arguably one of the most talented wicket keepers of all time. In fact, our listeners voted him into our hall of fame over Kumar Sangakkara and Adam Gilchrist!

In one of our longer interviews, we talk about his best memories in cricket, sledging Merv Hughes and his favourite biscuits. Make yourself a brew (or 20), dig out you your floppy hat, and enjoy our chat with one of the nicest guys around!

The Christmas Special- Episode 33

Enjoy The Cricket Podcast at our freeform “best”. Max digs out the ukulele, Jack hosts the cricket quiz of the year, and Ross does Ross things (fetches drinks).